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    Car Seat Massager

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  • Description

    The house and car massage cushion is adopted traditional chinese medicinal massage system. It refers to the ergonomics, and puts all kinds of methods of traditional massage together by microcomputer technology combining with modernist 's habits of works and daily lives. Its Massage function makes you more comfortable in car or at home. It can help to promote our blood circulation effectively and eliminate our fatigue. It is the perfect one for you to enjoy healthy life. Product : House and car massage cushion Introduction: House and car massage cushion has five massage settings inside. They operate on back ,waist and buttocks. It offers 8 modes for us to select . The voltage of Massager 12V. It is very secure . The electrical-source adapter is suitable indoor. The cigar lighter’s power plug is for to use in cars. Direction for use 1. The house and car massage cushion on chair, car or sofa . 2. Switch the adapter (suit to be used indoor) or the cigar lighter’s power plug (suit to be used in cars) on relevant power supply. 3. Press the “ON/OFF”button to start work. 4. Press the “MODE” button to choose the mode you need ,there are 8 modes. 5. To last working for 15-30 minutes each time is the best. 6. Cut off the electrical source in tine after using it .(when use the products indoor)


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