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CAR SEAT MASSSAGER In the midst of today's hectic and busy lifestyle, the body pain & back pain became a problem for us. The Hitech Publicity, car seat massager could be ideal for you as this massaging equipment is designed to provide a range of invigorating and idyllic massages. The Hitech Publicity massager is a car seat massager that aims to effectively bring about instant relief to the areas around your upper and lower back, thereby covering all those muscle spasms and cramps around your back areas. With Hitech Publicity car seat massager, you can relax and attain a spa­like massage experience without having to visit a saloon as the massager is capable of emulating the massage actions. Designed to provide multiple functions with ease and comfort, the Hitech Publicity car massager can be utilized anywhere at home, office or while traveling. Built to provide enhanced convenience, this car seat massaging device comes with straps that can be easily attached to most chairs or even car seats. You can easily mount this massager on the chair or car seat and strap it appropriately for a relaxing massage. The Hitech car seat massager was compact and lightweight enabling you to carry the massager even if you are on the go. Simple and easy to use, all you have to do is, strap the massager to your seat or chair and power the massage equipment for a soothing effect. The massager also comes with a controller storage pocket, making it easy and convenient for you. Embedded with a heating element that enhances the massage, the Hitech Publicity car seat massager features a soothing lumbar heater. This heater rejuvenates you as it penetrates deep into the target areas in your upper and lower back, increasing the level of relaxation. Loaded with individual massage zones, this massager delivers an intense massage on your entire back, dispelling all the aches and discomforts. Order at www. ph:9246372692 9246222211

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