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promo Table with Vinyl printing and designing

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    Promo Table

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We are offering Promotional Table which are specially designed using quality fabrics which offer maximum durability. These tables are best for displaying the items for promotional purposes. This promotional tables are also foldable and easy to carry in flexible carry bags. We make use of premium components in manufacturing these tables as we have 24 years of experience in prospective field. Promotion table are ideal displays for any trade show, travelling exhibit, or in-store display. Use these Promotion table to distribute sample products or demonstrate products. They come with custom printed full colour high resolution graphics on the side panels and a header sign on top. This creates a full color graphic display that is great for drawing attention at marketing events. Our promo tables are made out of lightweight materials and assembled in minutes and dismantles. The header connects using two poles that slide through holes in the counter top. Two internal shelves are included to give the promo stands support and provide storage space. In Hitech Publicity we provide perfect promotional tables for any kind of Event. These promotional tables are very eye catchy. Our promo tables are specially built as corrossion free. The manufacturing of Light weight & standard operating tables which are convenient made the Hitech Publicity as leading producer of promo tables in the Market. Our promo tables are widely used for the Exhibitions, Advertising's, Trade shows, New Food Product launching, Distribution of Promotional coupons for any Event. We manufacture promotional tables of All sizes based on customer requirements. Our customers positive Feedback making us more Energytic to be NO.1 in the market With perfect commitment, we are widely preferred in the market for rendering Promo Table services. This promo tables are constructed by our skilled individuals in a set time frame. We make this table with suitable & superlative materials that our professionals take well care. For Any Queries, or visit our office for more Transparency to Customers. Call us : +91 9246372692. 09246372692 email us :


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