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    Mobile Hoarding- Day

  • Product Code : 204
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    Moving Media: Mobile Hoarding it is a power of advertising. The van will carry complete ad of yours to public, with Eye Catchy Designs, Matter, also our Promoters will Explain about you to the public. The Moving Media Mobile Van Includes: Moving Media van will move per day 30 kms. With 2 Qualified promoters. Diesel: 30 kms per day. Complete Van designing with fabrication up to 400 sft. N. Lighting System. Training for Promoters about your service or Product. O. R.T.A. Chalanas. Every day feed back from public through E-mail. P. Police Permissions. Your Brochures, Visiting Cards, Gifts or Samples and Leaf lets will distribute to Public (Provide by Party) Municipal Taxes (Area Wise). Video Presentation (Provide by Party). Toll Gate Charges. Audio Systems. Body Fabrication: Iron Frame with Iron Sheets. Your logo T-Shirts & Caps will wear promoters. Flex/Vinyl Printing 400 Sq.ft. with fitting. Van Rent with Maintenance. 2 K.V. Generators with Kerosene (Evening 6.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.) Promoters Salary with Allowances. Electricity Items 9 CFL Bulbs. Driver Salary with beta. Daily 5 Photographs. Operator Salary with beta.


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